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Ford's 2018 F-150: More Efficient Engine Options

Trucks have a reputation for gas guzzling. The 2018 Ford F-150 won't completely escape that reputation, but it's bringing engine options to the table that will definitely improve on Ford trucks from the past.

Its 3.3-liter V6 engine, for instance, has been rated for 19/25/22 MPG. That's an improvement over the 3.5-liter engine it's replacing from the 2017 Ford F-150. The 2018 F-150 will also have access to a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 capable of 20/22/26 MPG.

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2017 Ford Fusion's Safety Features Bring Peace of Mind

Another school year is just around the corner, so you might be wondering about great family-friendly vehicles that mix well with teenage drivers.

Well, have a look at the 2017 Ford Fusion and let the wondering cease.

When equipped with an optional forward crash prevention system, this attractive midsize family sedan is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety TOP SAFETY PICK, meaning that it scored very well in various crash tests.

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2017 Ford Focus RS Elicits Smiles from Staffers

If you were to ask us here at McCoy and Mills Ford what we enjoy about our esteemed American automaker's hot hatchback, the 2017 Focus RS, we'd have but one word to offer in reply:

Everything. The Focus RS, in our humble opinion, is one of the best in its class.

Check the clip below to get a feel for what we mean. Here now to highlight the Focus RS's best qualities is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

One needn't venture far to find the Focus RS's main event. In fact, a simple…

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Families Everywhere Depend on the 2017 Ford Explorer

Finding the right vehicle for your on-the-go family is important and, for the Sanchez family in the video below, that vehicle is the 2017 Ford Explorer in the XLT trim. Boasting the safety of lane-keeping systems and a rearview camera among others, the convenience and entertainment of the SYNC touchscreen infotainment system, and the cavernous cargo area that can expand up to 81.7 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down, this could easily become your go-to ride.


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Packing Items For Road Trips

When you pack up for an exciting road trip with your family, make sure to bring essential items that come in handy for dealing with mechanical and electrical issues. Instead of relying on roadside assistance, you should be able to handle minor problems that commonly occur on the highway.

Bring a powerful air compressor that can quickly inflate a tire that has lost some gauge pressure due to weather conditions or a minor puncture. A compressor should also include a meter that precisely measures the inflation of each tire on your vehicle. Don't forget to take a portable jump…
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Did You Know Your Car's Battery Has an Expiration Date?

Yes, your car's battery will expire, and it may have expired already. Each battery has a length of time it is expected to last. Once that date has past, the battery is more likely to start deteriorating.

Your car's battery has a big responsibility, for all its humble looks. It supplies the electricity your car needs to start. Car batteries are rechargeable, and like other rechargeable batteries you use daily, like the one in your cell phone, eventually it doesn't work as well as it did when it was new, and may fail completely.

A few signs…
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Hey, My Gas Mileage Isn't So Good!

There are a number of ways to get much better gas mileage. The number one gasoline thief in this world is improperly inflated tires. If your tires are properly inflated, no only will you get much better mileage, your ride will be smoother and more comfortable as well.

Another way to save fuel is to keep a light foot on the accelerator pedal. Do not take off from a dead start by gunning the engine like a race car driver. Press the pedal and slowly press it lower until you reached the desired speed. This will save a lot of…
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Be Prepared In This Day And Age

Being prepared is simply smart in this day and age, because quite frankly you never actually know what types of situations you will experience. Many people just go about their daily lives until a situation happens in which they do not have the proper tools to negotiate the problem. Having a roadside emergency kit inside your vehicle is a solid step for ensuring you are ready for the types of things life throws at you. If you are stranded with a dead battery on the side of the road, for example, having a set of jumper cables could allow you…
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Cold Mornings are No Problem with the 2017 Ford Escape

Many drivers around the United States live in colder climates. One of the things that slows people down during their morning routine is having to sit inside of a freezing car waiting for it to warm up before you can actually leave the driveway. With the 2017 Ford Escape - that is problem of the past. Ford has already incorporated features that will allow you to unlock and start your car remotely. What peace of mind you will have in the morning as you collect your items around the house knowing that your car is started and that you will not…
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